Facebook on a shopping spree! Latest purchase being 'Glancee'

By Abhishek Kaul
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Facebook purchases Glancee

Facebook most recently came up in the news (more than usual) after it purchased the very popular 'Instagram' Mobile Photo App for a whopping $1 Billion. Not much time after, Facebook now purchased another significantly popular App, called 'Glancee' for an undisclosed amount.

What is 'Glancee'?

'Glancee' is a Location based app that basically help you explore the Facebook profiles of the people in the near vicinity, and even creates notifications if someone nearby shares some common interest with you.

'Glancee', started off in 2010 and since then has accumulated 3000 active daily users. After the purchase, the technology at Glancee will become the property of Facebook and the 3 co-founders of Glancee: Andrea Vaccari, Alberto Tretti and Gabriel Grise will join Facebook to provide this service to the 900 Million users of Facebook.

What this might mean for Facebook -

What can be said right now is, that if the functionality of 'Glancee' does become a part of Facebook, then the usefulness of Facebook mobile platform would rise to to a whole new level. 'Glancee' takes the user beyond simply checking in to a location, it tells you about the people present there in real time. That combined with Facebook's enormous user base, has the potential to change the pattern of social interactions on a very large scale.

There are however, a few other Apps that perform similar tasks as 'Glancee', most significantly, an app called 'Highlight'. The 'Highlight' app has approximately 9000 daily users, (Thrice as much as 'Glancee') then why did Facebook not purchase that instead? Did they wish to purchase Highlight but could not? And hence bought the 'next best thing'?

Facebook's IPO is coming up on 18th May, and they are aiming at the price for a share to be from $28 (approx Rs.1,428) to $35 (approx Rs.1,785). It will be interesting to see if Facebook implements the features of 'Glancee' in their Mobile platform, or was this purchase just to prevent a potential future threat from getting out of hand. Only time will tell.

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