Great Games: Air Hockey

By Abhishek Kaul
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Air Hockey on iPad | The Tech Weekly

This very simple albeit very popular game has been a very strong contender in the App Store for quite some time now. The Air Hockey app is the closest one can come to playing the sport without having to be at a real table. The instructions are simple, the player uses a finger to guide the paddle and can use almost any technique that would be available in real life to get the puck into the opponents goal.

The game offers a single player mode which has difficulty settings like kiddie, easy, medium, hard and 'INSANE' (I kid you not, there is actually a setting called that, and it lives up to the name). In the 2-player mode, a friend can join you across the table and yo can go head to head. You even have the option to play with 2 pucks instead of one. This game is instantly addictive and the increasing level of difficulty really takes one a long time to try and master it.

My personal favorite, and a fun game for all ages!

Supported platforms: Apple iPhone and iPad

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