Fairfax Capital's takeover of Blackberry

By ankit-mohan
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23rd October, 2013 marked arguably the most important event in the history of Research In Motion Limited (RIM), a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company. For those of you who seem perplexed with the first sentence, I am talking about Blackberry's (formerly named as RIM) agreement in principle to be acquired by Fairfax Financial, a Canadian Insurance Company for $9 a share in a deal worth roughly, $4.7 billion. The deal for now is ''subject to due diligence'' on the part of Fairfax who may not like what they see in the books of Blackberry. This price of $9 a share seems piteous as compared to that in June 2008 when the company's share was valued at $148.
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Hugh Jackman endorsing Micromax: Metamorphosis or Mistake

By ankit-mohan
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We have all seen actors becoming brand ambassadors for smart phones before; Priyanka Chopra for Nokia, Katrina Kaif for Sony, Ranbir Kapoor for Blackberry, to name a few. But, the Indian and the World Mobile Phone Industry was spell bound on October 18th, 2013 to hear that Hugh Jackman AKA Wolverine is set to raise his Adamantian rush for the Indian Gadget brand Micromax. Hugh Jackman became the very first Hollywood brand ambassador for endorsing an Indian brand, in this case the product being Micromax Canvas Turbo.

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Wrap'm - Social Sharing, Simplified

By Abhishek Kaul
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Wrapm Logo and Text

Just a week ago, we launched Wrap’m.

Well ‘launched’ would be a very strong word. Moving ahead very cautiously at this young stage, we successfully completed alpha testing 3 weeks ago, and then passed tests with our first 25 beta users last week. It feels great to say that all went according to plan. Going just by the time spent on research, this has been one of the largest projects that I have been involved in. Spanning 7 months from conceptualization to final consumer usage, it has been quite a journey filled with ups and downs. But let’s not stick to the past…

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An interview with Mr. Vivek Malhotra of Redwolf.in

By Abhishek Kaul
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If you are a fan of popular English TV shows like ‘Friends’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Entourage’ etc. then you would have probably heard about Redwolf.in. If you haven’t already, you would, soon enough. So is this a review of another one of the thousand e-commerce stores that come up every week? No, Redwolf is Unique. It is one of the few stores that offer fresh, theme based apparel and accessories. These themes are usually derived from popular TV shows, and that is what makes the products so appealing. They create a new way to connect with the stories and characters that we know and love.

I, Abhishek (AK) recently had a chance to interview Mr. Vivek Malhotra (VM) from Redwolf. The following is a summary of our discussion.

AK: Redwolf currently deals in tees and badges primarily themed around popular English TV shows. Could you tell me which ones are the most popular TV shows amongst your customers?

VM: Yeah, we started off with a lot of TV show inspired designs because we saw a huge market for this and a chance to form an instant connect with our target audience. We plan to cover more TV shows, movies, music and pop culture in general. The most popular TV shows amongst our customers going by sales so far are: The Big Bang Theory and Game Of Thrones. Breaking Bad, Dexter and Entourage are also very popular.

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The 'Leadership Syndrome'

By Abhishek Kaul
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Now this isn't an article about technology, but it is something I have been pondering over for the past few weeks, so I thought i should share it.

In most places, pursuing the post graduate degree is essential in order to get a jump in your career. Well this norm has been established, and I wont dwell on the why and how. What I would like to share with everyone is something that we probably have come across, but have never been able to realize. We have been set up for failure.

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Android or iOS: Which is the best?

By lucy
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Android vs iOS

Sad as it may be for some, it’s been obvious for a while that the time of Blackberry’s domination in the business world is gone. However, the iOS and android have invaded the scene by taking smartphones to the next level. Returning in the day, a "smart" phone was one that lets you handle a schedule and e-mails. Now, the capabilities of a smartphone are more extensive.
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How to choose a Domain Name?

By Abhishek Kaul
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How to Choose a Domain Name | The Tech Weekly

The Domain name is probably one of the most important things you can do while setting up a website. In some cases, it may even play a very vital role in deciding the fate of your site altogether. So getting your own space on the World Wide Web needs some careful planning from day one.
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The Facebook IPO: What went Wrong?

By Abhishek Kaul
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Facebook | The Tech Weekly

The much anticipated Facebook IPO was launched on 18th May 2012. The company had filed in the papers for the same on February 1st, on the  8th birthday of the immensely popular Social Network. What was anticipated to be the most talked about Tech IPO since Google (in 2004), surely lived up to those expectations, though not for the right reasons one might say.

So lets go over the events that 'stole the thunder'.
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Great Games: Game Dev Story

By Abhishek Kaul
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Game Dev Story on iPad | The Tech Weekly

Here is a very addictive business simulation game where you get to be the head of a Game Development company (no surprise there). May not have outstanding graphics, but the player really feels in charge of completing the major tasks involved in building and guiding a Game Development Company to the top of the industry.
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Great Games: Harbor Master

By Abhishek Kaul
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Harbor Master on iPad | The Tech Weekly

Simple on the outside, but very difficult as you keep advancing. Harbor Master is a game where you are to control the routes of several cargo ships coming into the harbor. Easy right?
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